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PCB Service provider Eurocircuits is located in HQ in Belgium and other countries

Eurocircuits is capable of manufacturing RIGID boards in FR-4, RF and IMS materials, SEMI-FLEX or flex to install in FR-4. Services with a maximum size of For 2L the max size is 580x425mm and for ML the max size is 500x425mm inches and up to 16L and up to 8L we use order pooling technology.

FR-4 mid Tg, FR-4 high TG, i-Tera, RO4350, RO4003, ALU, Isola 370HR semi-flex can be utilised as the base materials for PCB manufacturing by Eurocircuits

The key PCB base brands used by Eurocircuits include: Isola, Nanya

The service provider also offers a range of services including PCB Prototypes & Small Series, Manufactured and Assembled in Europe, Fast & Easy. Virtual Manufacturing before Ordering to achieve: Right First Time - On Time & Budget. Order pooling as much as possible. Widest range of pooling service. and valued added services Virtual Manufacturing of the PCB & Assembly prior to ordering to achieve right first time for manufacture to make sure goods are delivered on time and within budget. To achieve this Eurocircuits's free to use eC-smart-tools are available:

We are fast and easy to deal with, we are cost effective, reliable and committed to Europe. We offer free virtual manufacturing before ordering to achieve right first time - on time & budget.

Languages spoken include: Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Hungarian

The link below will take you to Eurocircuits, where Eurocircuits’s terms and policies will apply

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Contact Details

Telephone: +3215281630

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