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DSPCB Teaching Material - PCB Design and Schematic Circuits

INTRODUCTION AND PREVIEW: PCB Design and Schematic Circuit Diagrams

The RS Components’ free DesignSpark PCB schematic capture and PCB design package is ideal for teaching Schematic Circuit and PCB design. The course material has many exercises in creating schematic symbols and PCB footprints both for Through-hole and Surface Mount Devices.

About the Author
The topics were selected in chronological order, which relate directly to undergraduate courses in electronic engineering as presented by the author (Llewellyn van Zyl, Edu Prep Centre) during his lecturing career. His vast experience ranges from a full-time development engineer to part-time lecturing at the two biggest engineering universities in South Africa; University of Pretoria and Tshwane University of Technology where he has presented more than 18 different subjects. He has presented courses on Analogue circuits, Digital circuits, Microcontrollers, Embedded C Programming, FPGAs and VHDL, Numerical solutions, PC Board design, RF Principles and Test Methods etc, to students as well as engineering professionals.

Lecturers who register with the RS University Programme will get access to the solutions manuals, working example files as well as Power Point slides. Lecturers can then either use the lab manuals as is, or can extract and combine different exercises to produce their own lab manuals to maybe suit their unique course requirements. Lecturers are also welcome to suggest additional exercises which can be included in the subsequent laboratory manuals’ revision updates.

The following is a list of the manuals including a brief summary of the related content:

Lab Manual 1 – Generating Schematic Symbols to finally complete a circuit diagram

Lab Manual 2 – Creating Through-Hole PCB footprints to complete a Through-Hole PCB design

Lab Manual 3 – Creating Surface Mount footprints to complete a Surface-Mount PCB design

Lab Manual 4 – Combine both Through-Hole and Surface Mount components in an integrated design


To access the teaching material you must be an RS University member. 

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