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Mastering PCB and 3D CAD tools

With these materials, Students are taken on a CAD design journey that enables them to master our professional tools.

List of semester teaching material


Introduction & preview: Analogue Devices Laboratory Manuals


Analogue circuits form part of all electronic engineering degrees. The materials enable students to understand analogue circuits and how they are used. It provides a theoretical overview with practical circuit simulation exercises.

Introduction & preview: Lab manuals for PCB design


These teaching materials are perfect for students who want to learn schematic circuit and PCB design. With many exercises to practise on, students can learn to create schematic symbols and PCB footprints in through-hole and surface mount devices.

DS Mechanical

3D CAD DesignSpark Mechanical: Introduction & preview to 3D Design


These teaching materials enable the student to quickly and easily learn CAD operations. The courses comprise of theory, tutorial demonstrations, and practical exercises. In a flexible design setting, users can develop and prototype faster.

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