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Design of a Korg Nutube Amplifier Part 4: Build and Test

Karl is a design engineer with over a decade of experience in high speed digital design and technical project leadership in the commercial electronics sector.


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January 31, 2018 15:20

Discrete components! Valves! 1/4" jacks! Absolutely outstanding. It brings back my days of youth. Projects like this enable understanding of first principles of electronics and physics, and much more fun than programming a PIC!
Bring them on! I wonder if the sound gets better as the tube gets run in? Like the old Marshall amps.

January 31, 2018 08:42

A good project with a pretty specialised device. A technical comparison of how different amplifier types behave when turned up to 11 would be really interesting. The youtube reviews of the Ibanez Screamer - a formerly solid state guitar pedal that's now gone NuTube - by guys who can play their guitars at and are really interesting, if lacking electronic detail!

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January 9, 2018 08:37

I like this project because it introduces me to a new technology. I agree though, that I would love to hear this thing cranked up to eleven so I can hear its overdrive characteristics; scream, baby, scream!

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January 8, 2018 14:04

I don't want to look negative but, to make a relatively linear pré-amp for acoustic guitar is something much easier with an operational amplifirer.
Where I think this device coul be very interesting was not addressed in this case. It would be a design where the non-linear characteristics of the nutube could shine.
For that, it should be designed an overdrive pedal, for electric guitar (not acoustic) perhaps with an op-amp as a first stage, with variable gain, to drive the nutube from linear to highly distorted.
In overdrive pedals filters are usually used to control/shape de amount of high order harmonics created by distortion. That should also be part of such a pedal.
At last, the output should be connected to a guitar amplifier (clean channel).
Only in this kind of scenario the potential of this devices could be analised.
I have designed several guitar pedals and a full DSP amplifier, and I am a guitar player. So, I will be very glad to share my expertise in the matter if someone wants.

January 8, 2018 13:53

Nice demo, but (as I'm sure all the bedroom guitarists were hoping to hear), what nice warm crunchy sounds do you get when it's overdriven? Surely the main point of a tube pre-amp is to create a "Marshall-in-a-matchbox"? Go on, turn it up to 11...

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January 8, 2018 10:28


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January 8, 2018 08:56

Is it possible to use this as a preamp and send it to a power amp to drive a guitar speaker?

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