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Hello guys, today I will show you the basic Introduction to PIC16F877a. PIC16F877a is a PIC Microcontroller and is normally used in Embedded Projects like Home Automation System, Bank Security System etc.

PIC Basic Properties:

  • It has 40 Pins.
  • IT has 5 Ports in total. ( PortA, PortB, PortC, PortD and PortE).
  • It supports Serial Communication for which it has 2 Pins TX and RX.
  • You can receive data from RX and can transmit data from TX.
  • It also supports SPI Protocol.
  • We have to place a crystal oscillator ranging from 4MHz to 40MHz.
  • We have to design its basic circuit first in order to use it.
  • Moreover, we will also need some programmer or burner to upload hex file.
  • I use PICKit3 in my projects.
  • Here's an image of PIC16F877a:

Ports in PIC16F877a:

  • PortA has 8 Pins in total and it is an analogue Port.
  • All Pins in PortA are analogue.
  • PortB also has 8 Pins but these all are digital Pins.
  • PortC is also a digital Port having 8 Pins.
  • PortC Pins are also used for Serial Communication.
  • PortD has 8 Pins and all are digital Pins.
  • PortE has 3 Pins.

PIC16F877a Applications:

  • It is normally used in Embedded Systems Projects.
  • It is used in robotics.
  • It is also used in automation projects.

I hope you have enjoyed today's tutorial. Let me know if you have any difficulty with this microcontroller. Thanks.