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ZF incorporates wireless, batteryfree technology at new HQ

In order to realize the design of the Office 3.0 concept at ZF’s new headquarters – ZF Forum, Friedrichshafen - one integral component is the energy harvesting light and shutter switches in the building’s interior. These battery-free and wireless pushbutton modules are produced directly within the ZF group, from the product line Industrial Microswitches - E-Mobility division. The principle is to create an intelligent and flexible room concept combined with endless technological possibilities and allowing the ZF Forum to comply with the latest energy directives.

The ZF range of energy harvesting products is unsurpassed in its simplicity of installation and connectivity. Key features include the possibility to change the positions of switches in an easy way without the cost-intensive process of installing new cables while offering an almost infinite lifetime. The switches do not require any maintenance or recycling costs as they are battery-free. The required RF energy is only generated by the mechanical actuation of the switch; the data transmission is then wireless via RF.

The RF switch modules can be integrated in functional and versatile ways and therefore provide revolutionary freedom in the planning phase. There are many potential application fields such as flexible room partitions in commercial buildings, modern glass wall structures or directly on a lectern. Individual offices and working spaces can be designed according to specific needs. With little effort, lighting and blinds can be adapted easily to each location.

The RF light switch module is already available in series production and comes ready to install. It is compatible to standard frames and can also be combined with customer-specific control and design panels. For the light switch module, the three RF standards KNX-RF, EnOcean and ZigBee Green Power have been implemented. In cooperation with ON Semiconductor, ZF has recently published a reference design for an Energy Harvesting Bluetooth® Low Energy switch, which can also be integrated into a light switch module.

ZF Friedrichshafen AG inaugurated the new headquarters at the base in Friedrichshafen in November 2016. The building, officially unveiled as „ZF Forum“, manages to offer state-of-the-art offices using, instead of personal workspaces, a flexible and communicative office environment which offers ideal conditions for every working situation. It uses the available space in an intelligent and efficient way and provides a modern working atmosphere for employees.

In addition, a training centre and an exhibition accessible to the public, offers information about the history, present and future of ZF. With the use of the Office 3.0 concept, the ZF forum is a symbol for the beginning of a new era within the ZF Group.   

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2 Apr 2019, 10:28