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Winner Announcement: EPIC Competition

The EPIC Competition Winners Announcement Banner

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the EPIC Competition, a celebration of innovation, sustainability and positive social impact through technology. 


With an impressive array of projects submitted by talented individuals from around the world, the competition showcased the incredible potential of collaborative efforts to address our planet's most pressing challenges.

Meet the Visionaries

Social Impact Category

Our Social Impact category recognised projects that demonstrated a commitment to addressing societal issues for a more equitable future, either locally or globally. The winning project impressed judges with its dedication to creating positive change within society. Their innovative approach and commitment to making a difference truly set them apart. The winner of this category is:

Winner's Name: Hasitha S
Project Name: A Microfluidic System for In-Vitro Culture of Liver Tissue
Country: Switzerland

Project Summary

The project aims to reduce the cost associated with cancer research by designing modular microfluid platforms/environments that can host biopsy samples for up to 5 days while preserving tissue function and viability. A custom incubation circuit and multiplex oxygenator were designed to complement the microfluidic platform. The purpose of the circuit is to maintain the temperature of the microfluidic system at 37°C throughout the culture duration. The oxygenator is required to saturate the perfusion culture medium with a special gas mixture (Carbogen - 95% O2 : 5% CO2) to maximise oxygen delivery while maintaining a stable medium pH level.

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Microfluidic System PCB

Nature Positive/Environmental Category - £1000

The Nature Positive category celebrated projects that tackled environmental problems and contributed to a more sustainable world. The winner of this project is:

Winner's Name: Benjamin B
Project Name: E-waste solar power storage systems for the sustainable future 
Country: South Africa

Project Summary

The project utilised e-waste as solar power storage. Tackling a serious global build-up of e-waste locally by repurposing the batteries to build a 10kwh battery connected to the main power supply ensuring continuous power supply during daily power outages.

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E-waste solar power storage systems

Innovative Category - £1000

Within this category, we looked for projects that pushed the boundaries of creativity and leveraged innovative solutions to solve real-world problems. The winner of this category is:

Winner's Name: Arun V
Project Name: VitaLink: Bridging Critical Healthcare Beyond Boundaries
Country: India 

Project Summary

The internet-connected patient monitor transcends mere technological innovation; it exemplifies the confluence of advancement and compassionate healthcare delivery. This pioneering solution dismantles geographical barriers, reshaping critical care dynamics. As technology propels forward, its influence on healthcare remains profound, culminating in an era where distance is no longer a barrier to life-saving interventions. The internet-connected patient monitor beckons us into a new chapter of medical intervention—one that is inherently patient-centred, globally-connected, and powered by the seamless fusion of innovation and technology.

VitaLink: Bridging Critical Healthcare Beyond Boundaries

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We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants who shared their remarkable projects with us. Your dedication and passion for making a difference inspires us all. Each project brought a unique perspective and innovative solutions to the table. 

We remain committed to supporting and amplifying the work of individuals who use technology to create a positive social impact, protect our environment and drive innovation. The projects serve as a reminder of our collaborative efforts to use engineering to advance our today.

Once again congratulations to all the winners of EPIC competition and all the participants we can't wait to see how your projects will continue to change the world.

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