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Will I have to put a resistor in series for this?


Hello, I wanted help with using a DC DC converter, I am adding indicators and a horn to my E-bike and The battery is a 60V battery which can supply a max of 30A i need to step down from 60v to 12v to run the led indicators and horn

I did have a dc dc converter before it had input voltage of 4.5- 60v and an output of 1.2 to 30v 15W when I connected this up to a 48V battery after adjusting the voltage at 12v it just popped I was under the impression that the device would have an in built current regulator.

so my questions, would this work for my application? and would I need to put a few resistors in series to get the current to where I would want it?

RS Stock No.122-4486

XP EMCO - JTE03 Series of DC-DC Converters

Mfr. Part No.JTE0348D12


thank you

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