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Which Arduino(or RasPi) would be best suited for audio use inside an electric guitar. With ref to storing wav forms / sound, effects, record, wifi, etc.

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April 4, 2019 07:42

I would probably start with defining the requirements for your microcontroller (uC) a bit more. What sort of bitrate are you looking for? Can a uC even create wav files? What IO do you need? Will the uC need to add these effects in real time or can you post process it?

I imagine that you might need something a bit more complicated than a single chip / single board solution. Probably some sort of high speed ADC and a uC to handle the processing and wifi.

Give it some more thought, it won't be easy, but it's not impossible either.

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March 11, 2019 19:43

I would have thought that you would need to use a Raspberry Pi as this is a computer so can handle the storage, wifi and processing required if you are looking to record and add effects