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December 11, 2017 08:59

What's your oldest surviving project? Here is my old Pong TV game

Dating back to 1977 and surviving at least physically is my old Pong TV game. The PCB was hand drawn using a Dalo etch resist pen and etched in Ferric Chloride which used to be available from the local Chemist shop!
This project was highly popular with friends and family and played into the late hours and early morning. The paddles were metal square box section tubes with slots for the potentiometers to be 'forced' down with lots of insulation tape for comfort.

It is a 625 line video so will now be a project to remove the UHF modulator and attempt conversion to someting that can be displayed on a modern TV/monitor.

The paddles will also be a good 3D printed project, but I will keep the original games enclosure to retain its history.

So anyone any advice on the video conversion?
I haven't done any searching yet, that itself brings back memories that all we had for reference was magazines or ancient books in the library....

What's your oldest surviving project?

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