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Weller WXR3 soldering rework stations: future proof your rework

In the fast-moving world of electronics prototyping it is getting more and more difficult to plan for the future, and with the pace of new developments to rework stations it’s easy to get left behind – are you bringing rework back in house or just using an old station with all the costs associated with it? 

As soldering technology advances, whilst you might have a clear view of what you need today, it’s becoming more and more difficult to predict the demands that will be placed on soldering stations next year, or beyond that.

The new Weller WXR3 range of soldering rework stations and the wide range of tips and accessories that can be used with them bring a new level of versatility and precision to your soldering, and equip you for the future. 

Here are some examples of how WXR3 technology can take your soldering to the next level.


Hot Air for Versatility

Hot air is versatile in its ability to reflow SMD components.

The Weller WXHAP200 hot air pencil supplied with WXR3 stations adds significantly to that versatility by providing 200 Watts of on-demand power. With variable air speed it can be configured to latch on and can run to 5500C, using it in conjunction with Weller’s WRK heat shields allows removal of components up to 33mm squared.

Tip: You can also use hot air for removing through-hole components or connectors, drying solder paste or even heat shrinking cables.




De-Soldering Performance

De-soldering with the WXR3 is handled by the 120 watt WXDP iron. With quick-change quarter turn tips this provides enormous heat transfer capability, which is excellent for through board components and even better for SMD pad clean ups, and longer liners attached to the tips reduce blockages.

Tip: When using a de-soldering iron always tin the tip first then try leaving it to thoroughly heat the solder joint before rotating the iron, you’ll be able to feel if the leg is free; it’ll give you a better chance of removing all the solder.

Tips and Irons for Every Job

Every soldering job seems to be getting smaller and its demands higher.  Boards are getting denser and ground planes thicker.  So the option with the WXR3 range to choose from a wide range of different irons for different jobs and drive them from a single unit is a significant advantage.

For example, micro precision can be achieved with the WXMP iron and its RT tips range which offer from 0.2mm needle tips right through to knife-edged tips.

For more standard applications the WXP65, 80 and 120 irons offer tips with the benefit of low ownership costs.

Finally, the WXP200 iron with tips up to 10mm wide offers the huge thermal reserves required to deal with that nasty, difficult looking job you’ve been putting off.

Put simply - everything’s covered!!


A Full Range of Accessories to Maximise Performance and Save Energy

You’ll need a few more tools up your sleeve to really stay ahead of the curve and get the best from your WXR3 station.

For example, 120W solder baths, micro tweezers, vacuum pick up pencils, or foot switches operated by hot air or vac are all available for use with the WXR3 range.

So too is a compact 120W heating plate controlled by the WXR3, or you can choose to link to our 600, 1000 or 1200 Watt external hotplates.  For all of these, automatic setback on the hotplate activates when the tool you are using is placed back in its safety stand, helping to save energy and usage costs and prevent over-heating.

Tip: Adding a K type thermocouple to Weller hotplates offers a feedback protection loop which prevents the board from over-heating.

All WXR3 tools are smart tools which offer outstanding energy saving , and waking from standby mode will automatically switch the display to the tool in use.

Tip: The WXR3 can be configured to show the status all three channels or just the one your using for added clarity.

 Advanced functionality to improve efficiency

Finally, WXR3 solder stations are equipped with a range of functions that help to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your soldering.

Most importantly, our traceability functionality can be used to manage your tools, identify operators and track build step to fully control and trace your products.


Data logging and production control functionality are also available through USB , and firmware can be upgraded to ensure you have the latest functionality at your fingertips.

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