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Audio Processing with Raspberry Pi and Pmods

In this project, we will use a Raspberry Pi and Digilent Pmods to apply different audio effects to an input audio signal. The user interface controls the degree and type of the effect.

Parts list

Qty Product Part number
1 Raspberry Pi 4 B 8GB 182-2098
1 DesignSpark Pmod HAT with 3 Digilent Pmod Sockets for Raspberry Pi 144-8419
1 Digilent Analog-to-Digital Converter Expansion Module 410-064 134-6443
1 Digilent Digital to Analog Converter Expansion Module 410-241 134-6456
1 Digilent LED Expansion Module 410-163 134-6450
1 Digilent Expansion Module 410-135 136-8061
1 Digilent Rotary Encoder Expansion Module 410-117 410-117
1 RS PRO 3.5 mm PCB Mount Stereo Jack Socket, 5Pole 913-1021
1 Digilent Analog Discovery 2 PC Based Oscilloscope, 30MHz, 2 Channels 134-6480
1 Digilent, 240-000 184-0451
Love learn engineering in hands-on approach. Interested in new technology. Work in Digilent as International Sales and Distribution Manager.

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