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Vishay Automotive Diodes, Rectifiers, ABD TVS and Zener Diodes

The number of electronic systems within vehicles has seen phenomenal growth over recent years. With so many systems it is important that adequate protection is included to limit interference and potential failures occurring within all of these areas.

Typical automotive applications cover engine management, battery management, instrumentation, safety systems, lighting, and many other areas.


Rectifier applications cover:

Polarity Protection

Signal Line Protection


Free Wheeling


ABD TVS applications

Avalanche Breakdown Diodes are used to provide load dump protection. This is the primary protection used in automotive environments to clamp voltage surges to the acceptable low voltage being used. The venerable electronic devices are thus protected from these high voltage surges present in the main vehicle power systems.    


Full details are contained the attached Vishay Automotive Components overview and Application Notes.

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