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USB Type-C™ and Motion MEMs the Fairchild way…

titleFairchild Semiconductors are showing they are much more than just a power management company! 

They have applied their determination for ever lower powered and smaller products to launch new benchmark solutions for both USB Type-C™ and Motion MEMs. Their lateral thinking approach is setting new standards.

When this approach is then matched with innovation in new products areas; MEMS, Type-C, LED Controllers; Fairchild can be assured of firmly positioning themselves on the short list for any design engineer.

Leading the market already in USB Type-C controllers with many of the supporting switching and power management devices already in place Fairchilds common sense strategy appears to be working. The flagship of this range being the USB Type-C FUSB300CUCX programmable controller.

Here at RS we are seeing continued growth and interest in the Fairchild range resulting in a large expansion of the range we offer and excitement in the innovations to come.

Fairchild Products at RS Components

Link to FUSB300CUCX

More about Fairchild

titleA global leading semiconductor manufacturer ($1.4bn revenue) with a history that goes back to the earliest days of transistor, integrated circuits and OpAmp invention with the breakaway of the infamous “Traitorous Eight” that gave rise to the semiconductor industry as a whole.

Fairchild have built their reputation over the years on developing and manufacturing a complete portfolio of low- to high-power solutions that are known for innovation, robustness and value.

The new strategic drive is simple; focus on breakthroughs in technology to deliver products that are the smallest with the lowest power consumption, to step ahead of the competition.  

The Fairchild of today is therefore a dynamic forward thinking powerhouse that is clearly keeping close to design engineers and giving them the products they want.


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1 Oct 2015, 14:50