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29 Sep 2017, 7:12

Innovative Solutions for USB-C Applications


If you think back to a time before reversible adapters and plugs, you might remember a work space littered with cables. In part due to the many adapters and cable types need to connect our everyday devices. Uplink and downlink times were also slower, so syncing multiple devices at once wasn’t easy. Now, we are happily watching a transition to the USB Type C connector and USB 3.1. USB Type C allows for just one cable that is magically not orientation specific and is inline with high power and data transfer speeds needed for the modern workload. We can now send information and power with cheaper, smaller, and more developed systems. Unlike USB Type C, there is a flip side to this new generation of connectivity. High speeds and high power density demands a significantly greater need precision and system intelligence. For silicon manufacturers, signal conditioning, power switching, and data control have become increasingly important areas of development in the transition from USB 1.0 to USB 3.1. 

The higher frequency comes with an increase in insertion loss over transmission lines. Examples of transmission lines include: cables, PCB, and connectors. ON Semiconductor offers signal conditioning devices such as re-drivers, which have proven to be the best way to overcome such losses. With the use of ON Semiconductor’s NB7VPQ701M and NB7VPQ702M small single and dual-channel USB, re-drivers are able to boost signal quality in USB 3.1 applications. These re-drivers have an integrated ESD protection to reduce the count of physical board components and their associated losses where a common-mode-filter can also be included for particularly EMI sensitive applications such as mobile phones.

ON Semiconductor's USB Type-C portfolio sets the convenience and simplicity standard for users, designers, and manufacturers. The portfolio is optimized for high power density, small footprint, and low-power use with a complete collection of flexible USB Type-C solutions from controllers to power switches, discrete components, redrivers, and more. ON Semiconductor is enabling solutions from wall to battery and for peripheral components such as travel adapters and audio devices.



Product Information:

Controllers and Interface:


FUSB300C: (903-4241)   

Data Switches:



NB7VPQ701M: (126-3170)   

NB7VPQ702M: (134-9543)  

ESD Protection:

ESD7l: (801-0222)  

ESD8011: (867-3221)  

ESD8006: (827-0547)  

Power Management:






NCP81239: (126-3463)  

ON Semiconductor Channel Marketing

29 Sep 2017, 7:12