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Tighter fuel metering with a 'quick-off' injector driver


Although the automotive industry is moving rapidly toward electrification, there is no reason to stop improving the performance and efficiency of traditional gasoline engines. New power electronics technology from Nexperia can help with that too!

Accurate fuel metering is important for robust engine control, and that translates into tight timing requirements for the fuel injector opening and closing. One method to improve the response of the injector closing is to provide a large back-voltage at the end of the injection event, to rapidly reduce the injector solenoid current. This back voltage can come from the “avalanche” of the main injector driver switch. That switch must be rated to handle repeated avalanche conditions, like the BUK9K13-60RA  (240-1816) Power MOSFET from Nexperia. This fuel injector driver example shows the benefit of using that part for better timing control of fuel injector cut-off.

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