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The Optimal Solution for Lighting Electrical Enclosures and Industrial Cabinets!

Safety is an important factor as it relates to Commercial Cabinets and Industrial Enclosures and Lighting is key.  

The ZWF LED bars have proven to be a well-matched solution for a wide variety of cabinets to include but not limited to: Traffic Controls, Energy Management, Electric Metering and EV Charging.

Technicians interface with these types of projects and cabinets. Proper illumination is key for rapid maintenance and software upgrades. ZWF LEDs are easy to install and offer efficient, long life and reliable light for these industrial applications. 

The ZWF LED bars are available in 337mm (1 ft), 438mm (1.4 ft), 939mm (3 ft) and 1239mm (4ft) lengths.  In addition to providing a high quality and efficient lighting solution, the LED bars meet various requirements to allow for ease of use and approval.

  • IP67 Water Resistant
  • Safe 24VDC wiring
  • Ease of Mounting
  • Onboard Easy Link Connectors
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • UL Recognized
  • Environmental Compliance (RoHS, REACH)
  • Conflict Free

Engineer inspecting cabinet


 RS Part No.  Description:  JKL Part No.
  (178-3450)  337mm (13.2”) LED Bar   ZWF-337-24CW
  (178-3451)  438mm (17.2”) LED Bar  ZWF-438-24CW
  (178-3453)  939mm (37”) LED bar  ZWF-939-24CW
  (178-3455)  Optional 7.8” Jumper connector  ZWF-200-J
  (178-3458)  Optional 39” Input connector  ZWF-1000-I
  (146-2896)  Optional Mounting Clip  ZWF-12-C

LED Lighting Components

JKL Components Corporation was established in 1972 to provide thoughtfully engineered solutions to a wide variety of lighting needs. JKL is one of the nation’s leading suppliers and distributors of linear LED lighting, cold cathode fluorescent lamps, DC-AC inverters, based LEDs, ultraviolet lamps, miniature and sub-miniature lamps and lighting accessories. It offers a wide selection of standard lamps and sockets, available from stock plus a full range of custom and special assembly services.
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