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As a motion plastics manufacturing company, we have an extensive line of products that are maintenance-free to eliminate the need for environmentally damaging lubricants. We are focused on making a significant contribution to sustainability and while the topic of plastics and sustainability is often discussed, igus are committed to using plastics the right way. To prove this, we can provide information to read about our sustainability measures.

One of the measures we’ve taken is to create the chainge programme, giving customers the ability to return energy chains so we can then recycle them. This creates a circular economy whereby our products can be remade and continue to serve a purpose rather than being discarded in landfill. With the help of the chainge program, it has been possible to add 100% recycled products to the energy chain portfolio, for example the igus cradle-chain®

    cradle-chain process

So how do we take an end-of-life product and rework it? In short, customers send back their used and worn energy chains, after cleaning, at which point they receive a voucher to use against their next order. We then prepare the energy chain for regrinding and turn it into granules ready for injection moulding again. Our igumid G material is transformed into igumid CG with almost no tensile strength lost in the process so we can provide a near exact match to the original product. Not only do we recycle our energy chains, but we will take competitor energy chains too.  

With customers in all industries becoming more socially responsible, large companies are being called out for the ways they have avoided taking responsibility for their impact on the environment. igus intends to lead by example for the manufacturing industry, putting programmes such as chainge in place as well as setting targets to have zero plastic waste in 2025. 

igus® energy chains can be returned to any subsidiary around the world, click here to become a chainger!


Become a Chainger

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