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When the weather gets hot, most of us go in search of some way to keep cool.  Fans appear out of cupboards, and with them comes noise and increased energy bills.  But this isn't the only use for fans.

There are plenty of other times when we need to move large volumes of air.  Whether used to remove moisture from building sites or drying out flood-damaged walls, fans can be required to run for hours.  

the-fan-with-101-uses-11_b1a81221f13ba73206674654dcfe8384487bcd6e.jpgOver the last 50 years, ebm-papst have built a world-class reputation for designing and building fans and blowers that provide superior performance and efficiency.  They have taken this expertise and applied it to the task of building a portable fan that provides over 80% energy savings, is quiet and still offers fantastic performance.  

In fact the EC Aura is so efficient, and so quiet, that it was recently exhibited at the Ideal Home Show in London!

The EC Aura is available in 115 Volt (764-5811) and 230 Volt (764-5818) versions.  

You can view the EC Aura, download the datasheet and buy one at RS Components.


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