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Over the years, there have been many predictions about the demise of connectors. Whether it is the humble D-type, simple coaxial plugs of the exotic V.35 connector, time and again we have been told that traditional connectors will soon be obsolete. Even more incredibly, predictions about the rise of fibre optics or developments in wireless technology have told us that the days of traditional copper wires are numbered.

It would appear that we may be one step closer to the end. TE Connectivity has introduced a truly innovative contactless connector in the shape of the new ARISO product. This connection system (it seems odd to call it a "connector") consists of two halves that do not need to touch each other to work.


Let's look at this a little more closely. A traditional pair of connectors uses conductive contacts, often copper or brass, and required the two halves of the connector to physically touch. The design and shape of the contacts, along with the materials used, will dictate the electrical capabilities of the connector in use. However, the need for physical contact between the two halves is absolute. In fact, many connector manufacturers devote considerable time to ensuring that physical contact, even in conditions that try to shake the connector apart.

The ARISO connection system removed the need for this physical contact.  By using a magnetic coupling between the transmitter and the receiver, they can even transfer data and power not just across air but also through oil and water! 

So how is this possible?

Because of the dynamic tuning of these contactless connectors, the connection stays even when there are shifts in movement making them really resistant to vibrations. And because they don’t have the same wear and friction as traditional connectors they last and last…

Want to know more? Watch me talking about the magic that is contactless connectivity through the ARISO Connection System from TE Connectivity in the following video:


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