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The Electric Generation

Electricity is nothing new when it comes to the car industry however, the next generation of automobiles will be using it for more than just windows.

During the 1990s, the 12 V vehicle electrical system was questioned, would it be able to cope with the increasing number of electrical consumers? As the automotive industry developed further, seat heating and assistance systems became the norm, and an increasing amount of electricity was drawn from the battery. To prevent the onboard network from stalling, the 42 VDC was created.

At the time, however, the 42VDC was not successful. Amongst other factors, the need for huge wiring looms caused unreliable system connectivity.

Today, the 48 VDC brings an additional benefit compared to previously. The CO2 limit values set by the European Commission cannot be achieved by continuing to manufacture the conventional combustion system. There is a range of challenges the car industry faces with designing a purely electrically powered or hybrid car, as voltages are in excess of 60 VDC. However, with the integration of an onboard network with 48 VDC, it enables simpler hybridisation, keeping energy costs lower and emissions below the limits.

To read more on the advantages of the 48 VDC and how electronic components are being adapted to the car industry, download the full article.

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4 Mar 2019, 16:23


July 29, 2019 06:36

Very interesting article
The photo is of a prototype aluminium dip brazed battery bank exhibited at DSEI 2017

It offers superb thermal performance, due to its novel design.
New ventures for established, flexible and rugged tech.

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