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Subsea Power Generation from WITT Energy

WITT Energy offers a new unique solution in energy harvesting and portable power generation. By utilisation of 6 axis of motion, a WITT device can take the energy generated from all types of motion.

Whether this is from kinetic motion, wind generation or wave motion, it doesn't really matter, as the WITT device brings all energy from motion to a single point for power generation. The application potential is vast, as is shown in the WITT Energy launch video below, there is certainly a high level of interest in WITT. 

From launch to testing the video below picks up with Professor Philip Wilson of Southampton University for the first prototype testing.

Exploring how rotational energy can be taken from the environment around us and turned into electrical energy. This testing clearly shows just how scalable the WITT device could be. From utilising wave energy, power can be provided to assist offshore platforms in powering lights, instruments and communications.

Subsea and water farm are the areas where WITT Energy sees demand for remote and renewable power sources. To re-create the subsea conditions and run WITT in a practical setting WITT Project Manager Claire Read paid a visit to Solent University.

To obtain real-life data and performance measurements, WITT was submerged in the university's 60m towing tank. The tank creates subsea currents which induce movement within the pendulums which in turn rotates a single directional shaft to generate power. Join Claire to see WITT in action.

For more on WITT Subsea power see the attached pdf

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