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Stop the Coronavirus Spread with 3D-Printing

Did you know, one of the most germ-infected places in homes, hospitals, care homes, and factories, is our everyday door handles? And unless you are going around disinfecting them every time someone touches them – which is entirely unfeasible, even in a home environment – germs will build up.

To fight the spread of Coronavirus, and help build a better, healthier world, 3D printing company Materialise has shared free design files for the full range of its 3D print hands-free door openers.Cylindrical_wide_Final_7ecdc7a343a775bac3a365a9455a98ca70263b9b.jpg

'Cylindrical, Wide' design for doors of an above-average weight, including fireproof doors with hydraulic pumps 

By using covered arms instead of bare hands to open doors, we can work together to avoid passing on COVID-19.

If you have your own 3D printer, head over to Materialise now and start printing your own protective hands-free door openers. If you don’t have a 3D printer, you can order the size of your choice on i.materialise now!

Files are available in STL format, so DesignSpark Mechanical users can download, adjust and print from home.

You can even download a free sticker design to attach to your hands-free door opener!


So, thank you Materialise, and in your words: “let's work together to stop the spread!”


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