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17 Mar 2017, 9:34

Static electricity costs the industry billions of dollars per year!

Static electricity is all around us. I´m sure that most of you have experienced the surprise of a shock after walking with rubber soles on a fleecy carpet and shake hands with another person afterwards. Sometimes you can even hear the static neutralization that happens between both people. In the dark you will be even able to see a little spark between both hands.

This is just one example. Interested in another? One that doesn't hurt perhaps? Just rub a balloon over your hair - it actually does the same thing. Static electricity will change your hairstyle in seconds. 

What sounds funny is actually a big issue for the electronics manufacturing sector. Damages caused on electronic parts due to static electricity cost the industry billions of dollars per year.

SMC picked up the issue and developed a new range of ionizers which help support electronics design engineers by making their life easier. With the new IZF fan type ionizers they have just launched the thinnest and fastest ionizer range on the market. It will neutralize static electricity within seconds. Due to the slim design of 40mm width it can be easily placed on existing workbenches or even mounted on PCB production lines.

The IZF10, IZF21 and IZF31 are available from RS Components. The range comes with several accessories, such as covers that allow users to customise the base unit aligned to their needs. Due to an automatic self cleaning mechanism and the tool-free emitter cartridge exchange option IZF allows for quick and easy maintenance. Also filters are available to reduce the entry of foreign matter to the motor and to prevent short-circuit between the emitters which helps to improve process reliability.  

Watch the below video to discover the all details about IZF ionizers from SMC.

Next time you shake hands, you might want to have a ionizer at hand first! ;-)

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17 Mar 2017, 9:34


March 17, 2017 15:09

A clever idea indeed!

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