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Speaking with Farrukh it's clear there is a lot of interest in SPRESENSE, this is not surprising when you consider the array of potential industrial applications it can open up.

Here is a link to Andrew Back's first look at SPRESENSE earlier in the year.

View more information by clicking this link for SPRESENSE development site.


New Product update: B-stem PDA0 expansion board (188-5301)

The B-stem PDA01 is a compact expansion board for the Sony microcomputer board "SPRESENSE".

Equipped with eight push switches, it can be operated immediately.

It is equipped with a microSD card, stereo microphone input, stereo headphone output, can charge a lithium ion polymer battery, and also has a low noise power supply for audio, making it ideal for music player construction.

By using a microphone, the recorder function of the high-resolution portable is realised. Various applications such as pedometers are also possible with GNSS cooperation.



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1 Jul 2019, 7:33