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Simplify the design of semiconductor relay functions! - Panasonic MOSFET Driver Vol. 3

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This article introduces the Panasonic "MOSFET driver" series.
We outlined the MOSFET driver in Vol. 1, and we introduced our proposals for realizing the high output voltage required for driving Si-MOSFETs and SiC MOSFETs in Vol. 2. In this issue (Vol. 3), we will introduce solutions to realize the high-speed operation required for high-efficiency driving.

▼Panasonic High Power MOSFET Driver (NEW)
▼See Panasonic's MOSFET driver lineup here

High output voltage is required to obtain highly efficient drives with Si-MOSFETs commonly used in power supply applications such as industrial equipment, information infrastructure, and power storage systems SiC (Silicon Carbide) MOSFET. “Fast motion" is a typical goal for such circuits and we will introduce a solution to ensure it is met.

Case 2: I want to increase the gate current (Igs) and increase the operating speed

I want to operate the MOSFET at high speed

BeforeI want to drive this MOSFET faster but I cannot increase the supply current from the driver I am using.


It is possible with the new Panasonic MOSFET driver!!

Isc = Typ. 45 uA : possible output
Increases the current flowing between the gate and source of the MOSFET and contributes to high-speed operation!


With the high output current MOSFET driver from Panasonic, I can drive my current MOSFET at high speed!


High output current type is recommended for use when a high-speed operation of the MOSFET is needed.

<Recommended Products> MOSFET Driver High Output Current Type

MOSFET driver

<Reason for recommendation> High-output current contributing to high-speed MOSFET operation


High-output current

Part number

APV 1111 GVY

Short Circuit Current (Isc)

45 μA

Open Output Voltage (Voc)

8.2 V

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<Advantages> Small high-output current
Short-Circuit current characteristics that can increase the gate current of a MOSFET
Isc: 45 μA output MOSFET contributes to high-speed operation.

The higher the current supplied from the driver, the more the gate charge time is reduced and MOSFET operation is accelerated.


Panasonic's "MOSFET Driver High Output Current Type" can drive Si-MOSFETs and SiC MOSFETs with high efficiency and are optimally designed for applications such as Industry, Robotics, and ICT/infrastructure, and power circuits for automotive applications.

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