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Simplify Designs with Fairchild TO-Leadless…


The combination of Fairchild’s PowerTrench® shielded gate Technology and their innovative TO-Leadless packages are generating real savings in both design and manufacturing costs.








Fairchild Semiconductors Innovative TO-Leadless (TO-LL) High Current MOSFETs come with real benefits:

  • Fairchild PowerTrench® shielded gate Technology
  • Simplifying Designs
  • The Industry’s lowest on-resistance
  • Tin-plated lead tips enabling lower cost Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) vs X-ray
  • Smaller footprint and low height (2.3 x 9.8 x 10.38mm)
  • 50% inductance reduction
  • 300A current handling capabilities
  • Reducing, even eliminating the number of passives and parallel MOSFETs required
  • Reducing overall system costs

Now in full mass production Fairchild have announced the new range of TO-Leadless High Current, High Efficiency MOSFETs for a range of voltage classes. To see the full Press Release Click Here

Fairchild Semiconductors is a long established pioneer within the semiconductor industry specialising in a complete portfolio of robust low to high power solutions.

See below for linked examples of the TO-Leadless MOSFETS available through RS Online and their datasheets:
Manufacturer Part No. RS Part No. Description
FDBL9403_F085 864-8001P N-Channel PowerTrench® MOSFET H-PSOF (TOLL) 40 V, 240 A, 0.9 mΩ
FDBL9406_F085 864-8010P N-Channel PowerTrench® MOSFET H-PSOF (TOLL) 40 V, 240 A, 1.2 mΩ
FDBL86210_F085 864-8007P N-Channel Power Trench® MOSFET H-PSOF (TOLL) 150V, 169A, 6.3mΩ

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