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SeaQuest Episode 7: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility


In the seventh episode of the SeaQuest adventure...

Having been unsuccessful in getting permission from the French Coastguard to cross the Channel, Pete ponders alternative crossing routes that the team could take.

Back at the Hackspace, the team refine the jet drive and guidance system, and also experiment with waterproof enclosures for the electronics.  They also introduce a water cooling solution to try and solve the overheating problem.  The team also deal with a hull explosion by overfilling it with foam!

After being up until the small hours of the morning, Gary sets off to test the new Jet drive design for a spin around the lake.


Gary bench testing at setting up the Ardupilot (Autonomous Navigation)

SeaQuest project team

Gary enjoys the British Summer weather whilst out testing on the lake at Beale Park, Reading.

SeaQuest jet drive unit

The 3D printed (Nylon) Jet Drive 

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