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17 Jul 2017, 8:34

Save Time and Optimize your Design with Power Supply WebDesigner™

Power Supply WebDesigner offers a suite of time-saving tools for optimizing your designs. Device selection, design, analysis, and simulation takes only minutes thanks to built-in models, calculations, and iterative steps. Ideal for both novice and experienced engineers, WebDesigner’s industry-leading capabilities and flexibility in automated design and simulation will increase your effectiveness, efficiency, and confidence without the need for trial and error design with a hardware prototype. Start saving time on your design cycle today!

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Power Supply WebDesigner creates designs in two ways:

  •  Automatic Design: Enter basic system requirements and click Auto Complete to instantly create a design and deliver a complete schematic and BOM
  •  Advanced Design: Enter detailed system information and create a custom design in minutes. After fine-tuning your system requirements, click Next Step to be guided through step-by-step design to meet system specifications







Gain confidence in your design before investing in hardware

Powerful online simulation provides the following in minutes:






Measure your design performance with Bode plots, as well as steady-state and transient waveforms. Your complete energy-efficient design is done in minutes, as opposed to weeks. Save engineering time and costs with Power Supply WebDesigner — without being a power expert.

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17 Jul 2017, 8:34