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SunBoard - Charge controller with MPPT and Bluetooth

Photovoltaics may be the future of energy generation though it requires additional electronics to work efficiently. SauleBoard is an open-source project of a simple charge controller with an MPPT algorithm and wireless control for small solar panels.

Parts list

Qty Product Part number
1 LM2576T-ADJG Step-Down Switching Regulator 463-050
1 Microchip ATMEGA328P-PU, 8bit AVR Microcontroller 131-0276
1 STMicroelectronics 40V 3A, Schottky Diode 687-0877
1 Positive Voltage Regulator 5V 1A TO220 7968060P
6 HARWIN, Archer M50 Jumper Female Straight Black Jumper 909-4382
2 RS PRO 4.7kΩ Carbon Film Resistor 0.25W ±5% 707-7726
2 RS PRO 1kΩ Carbon Film Resistor 0.25W ±5% 707-7666
2 RS PRO 10kΩ Carbon Film Resistor 0.25W ±5% 739-7538
1 RS PRO 220Ω Carbon Film Resistor 0.25W ±5% 707-7612
2 RS PRO 120Ω Carbon Film Resistor 0.25W ±5% 707-7599
1 RS PRO 2.2kΩ Carbon Film Resistor 0.25W ±5% 739-7483
1 RS PRO 12kΩ Carbon Film Resistor 0.25W ±5% 707-7757
6 RS PRO, 2 Way, 1 Row, Straight Pin Header 251-8086
2 RS PRO, 36 Way, 1 Row, Straight Pin Header 251-8632
3 WR-TBL Terminal block - serie 102 826-7220
1 STMicroelectronics 1N5908, Uni-Directional TVS Diode, 1500W, 2-Pin DO-201 793-1311
1 Bourns 330 μH ±10% Ferrite Leaded Inductor, Max SRF:2MHz, Q:20, 600mA Idc, 760mΩ Rdc, RLB 172-9569
2 RS PRO 10μF Electrolytic Capacitor 50V dc, Through Hole 170-1245
2 Vishay Single Layer Ceramic Capacitor SLCC 100pF 1kV dc ±10% S3N Dielectric F Series Through Hole 716-7135
I'm a 1st-year Electronic Engineering student at the University of Manchester. Originally from Poznan, Poland. Passionate about technology. Interested in embedded hardware and software, IoT devices, RTOS and robotics. With experience in space technologies related projects and stratospheric probes. Apart from that a lover of cycling and playing the drums. My LinkedIn: :)

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