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RF Amps to retrofit Antique 1920s TRF Tube Radios


STEAMPUNK/Retromodern/Hybrid Radios     Grammarly


Looking for comment; advice; assistance; for my Senior Citizens SWL/Scanner/DXing Club' STEAMPUNK/Retromodern/Hybrid Rado Receiver/Objet d'art/Plural Objets d'art Project(s)   

A) To Retrofit/Restore, Antique/Vintage TRF & Regenerative Receivers to use a low, safe, Plate voltages. 

B) To Build, Breadboard style, Crystal, TRF and Regenerative Radios using Antique/Vintage Tuning Components with modern electronics to come up with Objets d'art Sculptures; as well as Functional Radios.  

Steampunk combining Antique Components with Modern Electronics  The basic idea is to give the user the "feel " of 1920's multiple Tuning Controls with modern stable electronics.  

The need for assistance is coming up with simple basic RF Amplifier schematics.

 Tubes and/or Transistors especially circuit designs using 12 volt Space Charge Tubes. 

Plan A: All solid State

Plan B: All Hollow State

Plan C: Hybrid is Hollow State RF with Solid State Detectors and Audio Amplifiers.

For Antique/Vintage Radios the plan is to remove all high voltage Tubes and use the Hardware Chassis Tuning Components and wiring and use RF & Audio Modules/PC Boards; Hollow State and/or Solid State; mounted on dead tube bases. Minimal disruption to original circuitry so as to be able to reverse changes to allow a conventional restoration. Hybrid comes in with Hollow State for the RF Stages and Solid State Transistor/semiconductor pcboard/modules for Detector and Audio; readily available on eBay.

The need for assistance is coming up with simple basic RF Amplifier schematics to build PC Board/Modules Tubes and/or Transistors as well as circuit designs using low plate voltage Tubes. 

thanx  73 de jordan ve7jjd   


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