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how to check eye sight by using sensors in camera

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August 31, 2019 19:28

There is a RPi project around retinal imaging for clinical analysis. See here:

The definitive test for visual acuity is based on a patients response to eye charts like Snellen or LogMAR.
Autorefractors are machines which measure refractive error of the eye and aid in prescribing corrective lenses (visual targets are usually the 'hot air balloon' you see at the optician's).
There may be a way to simulate the working of this autorefractor with a RPi. You'd need to find a way to actively process the retinal reflections of the visual target and apply refractive corrections until an exact match (in-focus, no distortions) is achieved.
Some reading on computer image-processing would help.

August 29, 2019 13:09

Please provide more information about what you are trying to check with this camera

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