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Question for Fibre broadband engineers


Having put up with 2-3Mb over the1960s telephone line in my UK village for the last 12 years, my family and I were super excited to hear that we were getting 'ultrafast, full fibre broadband' to our house.

However, the company that is providing it (and currently digging up the roads) missed out our address when they came to mark up the properties for connection. After several phone calls and a rather frustrated email, we are being told that they are looking into the "viability of a connection". This is because our house is attached to the village social club and we share an address.

This has never been an issue for any other utility or service provider - our council tax, electricity, phone and internet bills are all separate from the social club's commercial accounts.

Is there some technical reason why this might be an issue for fibre broadband networks? I'm struggling to understand what the issue is! They say "once they have decided if a connection is possible they will be in touch" but why would it not be possible?

They are saying this will have to be done as remedial work after the rest of the village and at our cost! 

Can anyone enlighten me, please? Or are they trying it on! Thanks in advance :o)

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