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The current explosion of electric and hybrid vehicles, alongside the growth of microgeneration, has led to an interesting trend. More and more, engineers need to connect high power directly onto the PCB.  High current connectors have been with us for many years, of course, but when it comes to the PCB, they bring a particular set of problems.


The first is mechanical. High power usually means big connectors, and the mating forces associated with them can be high. PCBs are great, but they can be fragile, so these high mating forces need to be managed to avoid damage when terminating connectors.

The other thing that can come with high power is high temperature. High contact resistance will lead to damaging temperature rises, which in turn leads to failures.

Würth Elektronik have addressed both of these problems with their new range of PCB power elements called REDCUBE. REDCUBE terminals offer reliable high-power contacts for PCB mounting.  Featuring low contact resistance, they are designed to create the minimum of self-heating. Available in four different designs for the greatest flexibility, they can use all of the leading processing technologies.

 REDCUBE will be coming soon, and will be available from RS Components in a few weeks.  In the meantime, click on the logo below to see the full range.  




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