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PIR activated Audio

Hi There,

I am hoping some one may be able to offer me an effectuve solution to a project i am working on. We are creating some printed 'Point of sale' (POS) for a clinet of ours and they want a motions sensor that activates a noise inside. 

I am curious if anyone would know of any solution? We are looking for 2560 items.

Many Thanks,


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April 16, 2021 07:54

I'm sure you realise but, probably the biggest issue is the method of programming the recorded message for each POS. You will probably require a USB port for this or a memory card slot to plug in the recorded message.
I can't help with the design but did make something out of commercial items for a one-off requirement. A PIR alarm sensor was wired to a wireless bell push. The wireless bell push activated the bell which could be programmed with its own 'tune' which in my case was a short message. Definitely not suitable 2,560 units but ideal for a quick one-off.

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