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Pick Your Own Custom LED Engines

What is PYO?

PYO (Pick Your Own) is a web tool developed by Intelligent Horticultural Solutions (IHS) that offers customers the ability to choose specific LED’s and place them in any position on a board of their choice. PYO has been created with a key R&D focus in mind, allowing you to achieve the optimal lighting mix for your project and create your own custom LED recipes. With the horticultural LED market in its infancy we have found that customers are looking for a product that they can customise to fit their needs and ensure optimal plant growth, this is where PYO came from. With an MOQ of just 1, PYO is perfect as there is no such thing as standard in the development stage!

Who would benefit from PYO?

PYO can be of benefit for growers or researchers looking for a unique/personal LED array recipe, to assist with their R&D projects. Within the horticultural market it is ideal for those who are looking to refine LED plant recipes for research purposes, and for growers who are trying to achieve a very specific spectrum to meet particular plant requirements. Researchers within the horticultural, medical, and biotech sectors/industries and all those in between (construction, security etc), can use PYO in order to achieve the wavelength and micromole required.


Why PYO?

PYO offers the flexibility to achieve exactly what you want to achieve from an LED Light Engine, which allows the opportunity to choose the spectrum specifically needed. It also offers a low MOQ of just 1 piece, with a short lead time available. So not only are you able to create an LED Light Engine that meets your requirements, but you can do so at a low volume and as quickly as possible, ensuring that you are able to maximise your own outcome. Proving there is no such thing as standard!


What varieties are available?

The better question would be what varieties can you not have with PYO? Due to this being a fully customisable product from the PCB size to the LED type, the possibilities are nearly endless. You can request a Star board with just 4 LEDs, all the way up to a Flood board with 72 LEDs. You can have wavelengths varying from as low as a UV 380nm, up to Far Red 730nm, also available are a variety of White colour temperatures from 2700K to 6500K. All products come with 200mm pre-soldered wires as standard, but even then, you can choose to not have them included. Choose how many of each LED you want, how direct of a spectrum you want, or how varied of a spectrum that you want. Available in Stars, Clusters, Linear Strips, Floods and finished cased modules.

PYO Colour and Wavelength options include:


PYO Board options include:


What else do I need?

Intelligent Horticultural Solutions also have everything you need to run your PYO board. Having an extensive catalogue of optics, drivers and heatsinks, all available through RS Components., and with an extensive knowledge of these solutions, IHS can provide you with a one-stop shop to enable you to build and power your finished lighting module.


Where can I order a PYO board?

Visit the Pick Your Own (PYO) website here -

Or alternatively view our standard range of LED Modules in the RS Components Range. Available in a wide range of standard colours, using quality LED's from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. 

For further information please contact or call +44 (0) 1635 294606


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