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PGS - The Future of Thermal Management

Panasonic has achieved the thermal management solution to today’s requirement for efficient heat diffusionin compact electronic devices. As designs require greater functionality and higher levels of performance inlighter, thinner, shorter and smaller devices, thermal management solutions become more challenging. For today’s extreme thermal management conditions, specify Panasonic’s Pyrolytic Graphic Sheet – PGS.

PGS is an ultra-thin, lightweight, graphite film with a thermal conductivity high enough to release and diffuse the heat generated by heat sources such as CPU’s, processors, power amplifiers and cameras. Developed by Panasonicengineers, this synthetically made material was named Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet or PGS. With a thermal conductivity up to four times greater than copper, PGS is extremely pliableand can be applied to heat-source shapes even in highdensity mounting situations.

Ideal for providing thermal management / heat-spreading in limited spaces or as supplemental heat-sink interface in addition to conventional means, PGS is light-weight, flexible and can even be cut into customizable shapes to protect anyelectronic device. Standard Pyrolytic Graphite Sheets provide excellent thermal conductivity that can withstand temperatures resistance, insulation and stability within an application. Please review the PGS Selection Guide in this brochure for complete details.

Features At-A-Glance

• Thermal Conductivity: 700 to 1750 W/(m-K)

• Offers thermal conductivity two to four times that of copper, three to seven times that of aluminum

• Lightweight: specific gravity of 0.85 to 2.1 g/cm3

• Flexible and easy to cut or trim

• Withstands repeated bending

• Low thermal resistance

• RoHS directive compliant

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20 Feb 2014, 16:18