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How to shorten a line

I have some lines drawn (at different angles) on the Documentation layer, which I need to shorten. The Properties window tells me the length, but I don't seem to be able to change it...


March 2, 2021 08:18

DSPCB works in the X and Y orientation so I understand that you can only set the line length in X and Y. For an angle, you would have to enter the new X and Y which you can do by setting the relative origin at the line, click the "=" key, check the relative coordinates and enter the new values.
If the lines are all the same length (or even if different) you can draw a new line of the required length, copy and paste as required and then set the angle.
Or if they all radiated from the same point, draw a circle of a radius to mark the required length and then edit each line by a left mouse click (and hold) on the very end of the line (make sure the line doesn't highlight) and drag to align with the guide circle you created.

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