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Freelance PCB Designer | RadSolution

I'm a freelance PCB Designer, producing designs in my spare/hobby time in addition to my full time role as a software developer. I have been designing PCBs since the 1970s using both manual (black and red/blue tapes) for many years, followed by CAD-based design using Racal-Redac, Protel, OrCad, Eagle and finally Design Spark. Most of the hobby boards I have designed are for my own use, and for sharing with other members of MERG ( and are related to Model Railway control.

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Electronics Design

4 months ago

Using PicKit demo board to drive numerous LEDs

This article describes the design of a PCB to work with the PicKit Demo Board to drive many LEDs, plus a couple of motors, for a Model Railway layout. The design uses a novel approach to PCB design.


Electronics Design

1 year ago

Silk Screen Text

1 Answers