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New Spectrum Analyser software for SDRplay receivers

Steve Andrew's spectrum analyser Webpage Screenshot

Click here to visit the Steve Andrew Spectrum Analyser Website

Steve Andrew's spectrum analyser is designed to work with the SDRplay RSP family of SDR receivers (which are available from RS components). The software has been written to exploit the very accurate power measurement capability of those devices. The analyser is capable of resolution bandwidths of less than 1Hz with sensitivity better than -145dBm. In addition to being able to run five separate traces, the analyser offers the ability to capture screenshots, export data in a range of formats and includes a versatile marker system. The analyser includes a comprehensive user manual and offers a very useful addition to any workbench.

The analyser includes the facility to control an external signal source in conjunction with a Arduino Uno module so that a fully synchronised tracking generator may be realised. For the tracking generator, support is offered for the Analogue Devices AD9850 and AD9851 DDS modules, as well as the Skyworks Solutions SI5351A clock generator module, all of which are readily available on eBay.

Additional support is offered for the GRA-AFCH AD9910 DDS module which includes accurate output level control with a maximum frequency output of 400MHz, or 600Mhz with overclocking. In addition AM and FM modulation facilities are provided thus providing a very useful signal generator. Further information can obtained at

Facilities are also offered to allow the user to communicate with, and control their own custom-built tracking generator using a simple command structure over a serial or USB link. Demonstration source code is available in the Files section of the Facebook Group page.

RSP spectrum analyser screenshot 2

Click here to visit the Steve Andrew Spectrum Analyser Website

The analyser has its own dedicated Facebook page where support is offered, and general discussion can take place between users. You can find the page here: (Users are encouraged to check this page for the latest news regarding software updates and additional file downloads).

For the radio hobbyists among you, this exciting software means that you can justify having an SDRplay RSP for work while also enjoying endless hours of fun using it as an impressive LF/MF/HF/VHF/UHF communications receiver in your spare time! (SDR receiver software available for not only windows but Linux/ Raspberry Pi and McOS)

More about SDRplay's RSP receivers and free software on

RS catalogue numbers for SDRplay RSP SDR receivers:

RSP1A: RS Code number: (150-3954)

RSPdx: RS Code number: (193-5621)

RSPduo: RS Code number: (174-7945)

RSP1B and RSpdx-R2: coming soon

Design, marketing and business background in semiconductors (including Texas Instruments and CSR), then co-founder and now sales and marketing director at SDRplay Ltd.