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Miniature Waterproof Shielded Connectors (LF series from Hirose)

The LF series offers rugged and space-saving metal shell connectors sealed to IP67 and 68, making them water-proof. Short turn bayonet lock assures secure vibration resistant mating of the connectors. Lock ease type is suitable for the use where regular mating/un-mating is required and offers easy and fast assembly. The LF series is designed to withstand harsh industrial environments.

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  1. Ease of shielded termination and connector assembly
  2. Water and dust protected (IP67/68 compliant)
  3. Easy assembly
  4. User-friendly bayonet lock
  5. A wide variety of configurations
  6. Safety standards compliant (4pos;10A;TÜV / 3pos、4pos;UL)


Application Examples

Sensors, Security cameras, Servo motors, FA robots, Measurement instruments, Medical equipment, Small BTS, LED lighting, etc.


◇Small size; 3 types of shell size

  • The above picture is for reference only. The reduced scale differs from the actual one.
  • It shows the connectors mate front mount type receptacles.
  • In the case of back mount ones, dimensions are different.

◇IP68 Waterproof Design

Gaskets installed at each joint to prevent water intrusion.

◇Bayonet Lock; Excellent click feeling, easy and secure lock design


Product Number Structure

Product Specifications


Please feel free to contact Hirose Electric co., ltd about the details.

In cases where the application will demand a high level of reliability, such as automotive, please contact a company representative for further information.

ヒロセ電機株式会社。コネクタの開発・製造・販売をしている、コネクタ専業メーカーです。軽薄短小への対応、高速伝送化や耐環境性能への対応など高度化・多様化した製品ラインナップを取り揃えています。DESIGN SPARKでは随時、弊社製品の紹介記事を投稿させていただきます。///Hirose Electric Co., Ltd. We develop, manufacture and sell connectors. We offer a wide range of advanced and diversified products, including light, thin, short, and compact models, high-speed transmission, and tough environmental performance. At DESIGN SPARK, we will post articles introducing our products at any time.

9 Apr 2019, 8:19