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Making Faces To Air Quality Part 2: How-To

This article is a follow-up from Part 1 - Making faces to air quality, where we discussed the process.

Parts needed:

  • High-Density 8x8 Matrix
  • Raspberry Pi 4 (or 3 if using a better power supply and power the led separately )
  • Electronic cables - we used some AWXX black and 4 cores one optional but neater.
  • 3d printer
  • Fibre optic (Optional, produces sharper light dots)
  • Screws for screen M2 x 10mm
  • Screws for enclosure M2.5 x 12mm
  • Tray (Optional)
  • Spring fastener to adjust the strap
  • Anything to add a super-nose to it!

How to:


The current settings are detecting PM2.5 (Combustion) and PM10 (dust, pollen), and display highly precise alert levels as: BAD, BAAAD, BAAAAAAD, TERRIBLE and the GIF

Air Quality thresholds

  • Make the MakingFaces Python App to Autostart at startup, so you don't need the keyboard, screen, mouse anymore.
  • 3D Printing files:
    • Nose (preferably SLS print)
    • Insert
    • LED surround cover
    • Legs
    • Enclosure
  • Fit the optical fibres into the mount. You can use a 2mm drill bit to clear up. Trim the optical fibres flush.
  • Put the matrix in place and the LED surround to prevent light leaks. Add the legs on each side and fasten everything with the screws.
  • Pass the 2 cables through the holes of each side s of the nose, make a knot to relieve tensions and solder them to the matrix (Power, Ground, Din, Cin)
  • Mount the Pi onto the enclosure. Connect the sensor to the Pi and stick it with double-sided tape.
  • Connect the nose's long cable to the Pi (5v, Ground, SCK, MOSI)
  • Connect the Pi4 USB-C to power the Pi, and close the enclosure with the screws.
  • Use double-sided tape to mount the enclosure under your upside-down tray.
  • You can now attach the nose to your favourite bust, teddy bear or flower pot!

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