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Lights on a model slot car



  I am intending to fit lights to a 1/32 scale model slot car. This is for a Le Mans type race where part will be in darkness.
Power supply will be between 12 -14v DC.
I would like to fit a capacitor into the circuit to keep the lights on for a short period, say 10 seconds, if the car comes off the track.
I have some small 12v rated LED lights.
I have done a little research and think I need a 1000 micro farad capacitor, across the LED wires with a diode on the positive side, and a 470ohm resistor on the positive wire. This is based on the attached wiring diagram (from the internet).Lights_circuit_d4cdd3694aec2c5ead8ecd5a282135c86889794f.jpg
  Can anyone advise on the type/rating/size of each of these components?   If from RS Components, can anyone help with the part number. I tried asking direct but they needed all sorts of specifications that I had no idea about.   My knowledge is very very basic!
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