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Can anyone suggest the correct driver to use with this dimmable light fitting?

Hi there, I've been asked to supply the light fitting in the light below. It's dimmable and came with its own transformer which plugs into a wall socket. I've been asked to remove the transformer and use a driver instead which should be chased into the wall. Essentially hardwiring the light fitting instead plugging it in. Can anybody suggest the correct driver?

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December 15, 2019 09:46

From the details supplied, the dimmable light driver is in the lamp fitting and you need to find a suitable 12V 1A power supply to suit your installation requirements.
Something like the following may be suitable:
I suggest avoiding LED 12V electronic transformers/supplies as these generall provide a pulsed supply which will either not work or may damage the built in diimer in the lamp fitting.
In the lamp spec it does state an LED is fitted so it may be possible to remove the diimmer and PSU and use an LED transformer but that will be more involved in my opinion. Hope this helps to a solution.

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