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Kelvin to Fahrenheit Conversion Formula


Hey Everyone! I feel pleasure to share valuable information on this platform that interests you and keeps you in a constant loop with knowledge related to engineering & technology. In this post, I aim to give you the brief details on How to Convert Kelvin to Fahrenheit on the fly. Converting temperature from one scale to another looks quite intimidating unless you come up with a tool called Kelvin to Fahrenheit Converter.


Yes, formula for conversion does help as long as you have a basic information how these temperature scale relate each other and why we need to convert them every now and then.




Kelvin to Fahrenheit Formula


You can use following formula to convert Kelvin into Fahrenheit scale.


ºF = K x 9/5 – 459.67


In simple words, the temperature in Fahrenheit scale is equal to Kelvin times 9/5 minus 459.67. Let’s go with an easy example. Convert 450 Kelvin scale to Fahrenheit scale.


We know, as per given formula


ºF = K x 9/5 – 459.67


K is given 450. Put the values in the formula. So,


ºF = 450 x 9/5 -459.67 = 350.3


450 Kelvin will be equal to 350.3 in Fahrenheit scale.


You can see the Fahrenheit scale comes with a degree sign while Kelvin scale attains no degree sign on it. There is a reason behind assigning degree sign to one scale and depriving of other altogether. The Fahrenheit scale is used for calculating arbitrary values while Kelvin scale is solely dependent on the absolute value and is mainly based on the absolute zero i.e. 0 Kelvin.


Also, in the start Kelvin scale was widely written with degree sign until 1968, making people confused as some considered it as a Rankine scale. Degree sign was omitted in order to lay out the candid difference between these two scales.


The Kelvin scale is named after physicist Baron Kelvin who was the first person who suggested the need of “absolute thermodynamic scale. Similarly, the Fahrenheit scale is named after German physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit who introduced this scale in 1724, based on experiment he had done on the ice-salt mixture, terming 30 ºF as the freezing
point of water, while the normal body temperature was around 90 F.


However, later these values were modified and adjusted, finalizing 32 ºF as the water freezing point and 98 ºF as the normal body temperature.


That’s all for this post. I hope you have fetched valuable information on how to convert temperature from Kelvin scale to Fahrenheit scale. If you have any question, you are most welcome to ask me in the comment section below. I’ll try and help you the best way I can. Thanks for reading the post.

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