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Keep Your Circuit Designs & Prototypes On Track With CircuitWorks™

Speed, ease and performance: you can have all three when you are working with CircuitWorks™ products.

As engineers, technicians and advanced hobbyists know, when it comes to prototyping, designing, redesigning and building PCBs, the process can be painfully slow and loaded with setbacks and challenges. If you start with the right prototyping tools, you can eliminate some of those challenges and keep your designs and projects moving forward. 

Employ the Right Conductive Epoxy


Epoxies come with an almost limitless array of properties, but finding one that meets your specific conductive needs can be a challenge. CircuitWorks™ Conductive Epoxy is the right place to start. This two-part silver epoxy is ideal for prototype, repair and general conductive bonding applications. It features strong mechanical bonds, excellent electrical conductivity, and quick room temperature curing. Not only does CircuitWorks Conductive Epoxy bond aggressively to a wide variety of materials, but it also does so quickly: when mixed this material provides a five-minute work time and a speedy curing process, allowing for quick solderless electronic and electrical connections.

Give Yourself Circuit-Creating Freedom


CircuitWorks™ Conductive Pens put the power directly in your hands, allowing you to create highly conductive traces on circuit boards. By instantly linking components, repairing defective traces and making smooth jumpers, CircuitWorks Conductive Pens can speed project completion and slash rework time. These pens are offered in a variety of conductive materials, including silver and nickel, also offering a choice of Micro Tips for fine lines or Standard Tips for wider lines.

Forget About Flux


Flux residue can be a thorn in every PCB creator’s side, but a necessary evil. Flux is necessary to clean and remove surface oxides that can form before soldering, and promotes the solder wetting and flow. Unfortunately, these residues can promote electrical migration and signal leakage, insulate test probes, and can also prevent protective conformal coatings from adhering to the boards.  With CircuitWorks™ Flux Remover pens, you don’t have to endure that thorn anymore. These pens are offered in three formulations to meet your project’s specifications, and they can do more than help you remove flux residue: they can also speed up your entire process.

CircuitWorks Flux Remover Pens:

  • Completely remove flux in seconds
  • Spot clean tight tolerance areas on circuit boards
  • Provide controlled spot cleaning with precision dispenser
  • Dry fast
  • RoHS compliant

CircuitWorks No Clean Flux Remover Pen removes both organic and synthetic low solid no clean fluxes with precision. If you are using lead-free flux, CircuitWorks Lead-Free Flux Remover Pens are designed specifically for quickly cleaning all lead-free flux types including organic and synthetic lead-free fluxes. And finally, CircuitWorks Rosin Flux Remover Pens remove all kinds of rosin fluxes—type R, RMA and RA—in seconds, eliminating residue issues and keeping your project running smoothly.

The Toolbox of Solutions

Every technician already knows about many of the other repair and prototyping products available:

  • SoderWick® Desoldering Braid - for removal of all solder types
  • Flux-Off® Flux Removers - quickly and reliably clean away flux residues
  • Electro-Wash® Precision Cleaners - for all circuit and contact cleaning
  • Chemtronics® Swabs and  Wipes for fast, precision cleaning and precise application of cleaners, fluxes and adhesives
  • Circuitworks - also offers a variety of flux type pens and heat sink greases for high thermal(-electric) conductivity

Chemtronics offers through RS Components a variety of solutions to solve your most demanding prototyping needs.

Products available at RS Components

To learn more about these products or to check out the entire line of problem-solving circuit board repair and prototyping tools click the links below

CircuitWorks Product Overwiew

SoderWick Product Overwiew

Flux-Off Flux Remover

Electro-Wash Precision Cleaners

Swabs & Applicators, Wipes & Presat Wipes

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