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Each industry faces different power connector challenges. Failures can occur in appliances as a result of mismated connectors. Terminal back out or other potential assembly errors can lead to dangerous brake malfunctions in vehicles. Pervasive data growth is driving PCB makers to use more electronics in smaller spaces; sourcing small, yet power-dense, electronics is a dilemma.


Ultra-Fit™ Power Connectors address these issues, solving four key design challenges while offering the premium housing features of proven Mini-Fit® and Micro-Fit 3.0™ connector systems. Color-coded housings mitigate the risk of mismatching. Optional TPA retainers significantly reduce terminal back out. A streamlined design that is 17% smaller than competing power connectors provides space savings, and an ultra-low mating force reduces operator fatigue when mating numerous high-circuit connectors.

The Ultra-Fit™ connector is the latest addition to the Fit Family from Molex.  We looked at the Mega-Fit™ last year and saw just how capable it is.  The Ultra-Fit™ is coming soon from RS Components, and we will keep you posted as we approach the introduction date.  If you can't wait, take a look at the data sheets below.  

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