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Introducing Murata’s DCDC converters for powering gate drive applications

MGJ6 Series

Murata introduced the MGJ6 Series of DC\DC power supplies for Multi-output DCDC converters providing a unique miniaturised solution to reduce design complexity and time-to-market.

IGBTs are commonly used in high power inverter and converter circuits and can require significant isolated gate drive power to switch optimally. Small isolated DC-DC converters can provide the power and performance characteristics needed to support the harsh requirements over alternative methods. The same considerations apply in principle to gate drives for silicon, silicon carbide and gallium nitride MOSFETs. The MGJ6Q, MGJ6T**F and MGJ6D**H series offer Three phase, Full bridge and Half Bridge options.

Features of the MGJ6 series

  • No opto feedback
  • Patents Pending
  • Two, three, or four isolated output voltages for IGBT/SiC & Mosfet gate drives in half bridge configuration
  • Reinforced insulation to UL60950 with 8mm creepage & clearance recognition pending
  • ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 recognition pending
  • Characterized dv/dt immunity 80kV/μs at 1.6kV
  • Characterized partial discharge performance
  • 5.2kVDC isolation test voltage “Hi Pot Test”
  • Ultra-low coupling capacitance typically 15pF
  • DC link voltage 3kVDC
  • 5V, 12V, & 24V input voltages
  • 105°C operating temperature

User benefits

  • Reduced board complexity
  • Quicker time-to-market
  • Power switch – capable of support MOSFET/IGBT and SiC technologies
  • Small package

Typical applications

  • Motor Drive
  • Motion Control
  • PV Inverter
  • Wireless charging
  • Robotics
  • Pumps

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10 Jan 2018, 10:32