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Analogue Output 0-10V from IOT2020/40

Hi. I need to use an IOT2020/40 to measure a thermocouple signal and control the position of a damper for airflow. I can convert the thermocouple signal into a 0-10V and read it on the IOT2020/40. The controller on the damper needs a 0-10V input signal to set its position. What would be the easiest way to output an analogue voltage signal from the IOT2020/40? Will I need to use PWM and a low pass filter of some sort, or is there a direct way of doing it? I want to use this in an industrial cabnet, so I can't really hack it. Regards Peter

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July 1, 2020 08:56

When I required a DC output (of low noise) for an mBed project I used a SPI DAC.
Looking at the IOT2020 it seems you can add shields so there should be some off the shelf products that will meet your requirements. I found this Siemens link that may help with some ideas.

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