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How is CAD used for interior design?

Interior design is a profession that's been around for decades, but modern processes have allowed those in the industry to step up their game. And that's where CAD software for interior designers comes into the picture.

Using data from initial surveys, accurate replicas can be created using interior design CAD software. And while there's plenty of inspiration online, nothing quite beats the possibilities of crafting your designs using a wide selection of materials, textures and more to bring your vision to life.

What is CAD in interior design?

2D and 3D modelling software for interior design allows professionals to experiment with new trends virtually and accurately. This means you can refine your plan in detail without compromising the space itself.

While it is typically used by experts in the field, students and hobbyists tend to delve into CAD interior design software to build their skill sets or work on a particular project.

How is CAD software used in interior design?

Drafting up designs, plans and elevations is integral to the role. And CAD software in interior design can be used to create all these to support a project.

Before this, however, an initial measured survey of the space will take place. Using CAD software, virtual iterations of these spaces can then be produced. This means that interior design and 3D modelling software can allow professionals to create designs for a client that are precise and accurate.

CAD software for interior design can also allow multiple versions of the same space to be developed using templates. This gives the client different choices without taking up too much of the designer's time.

Here are some common applications of CAD in interior design:

  • To create 2D floor plans
  • To create 3D models
  • To convert 2D information into 3D models
  • Interior design and 3D modelling software can be used to build portfolios

What are the benefits of CAD in interior design?

There are several benefits of CAD software for interior design:

  • Professionals and hobbyists can use house interior design software
  • Apply accurate measurements to put the designs into action
  • Present clients with accurate representations of the end result
  • Revisit and modify designs
  • Share designs across departments
  • Apply textures and materials to designs
  • No reliance on hand sketching

How to learn CAD for interior design

Learning CAD for interior design takes a bit of getting used to but can be an invaluable and often transferrable skill. Many learn how to use it during a relevant degree or when training in a job in that field. However, nothing is stopping you from downloading free interior design CAD software and taking the first steps yourself.

You may be surprised to learn that you can get free interior design software, which is a great way to get started. Try your hand at CAD drawing for house and interior design with ease.

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